The Continuum Price List

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The Signature Collection

No. of RoomsUnit TypeSqmSqftStackTotal UnitsPrice Min.
1 Bedroom + StudyA5256004, 13, 34, 4364$1.536m
 A-G5256004, 13, 34, 434$1.486m
2 BedroomB16064621, 2732$1.803m
 B1-G6064621, 272$1.756m
 B1-PH  21, 272$2.092m
 B26266701, 09, 10, 19, 31, 39, 40, 48128$1.769m
 B2-G6266701, 18, 10, 31, 39, 406$1.795m
2 Bedroom + StudyB3-G6570006, 15, 36, 454$1.974m
 B46772105, 06, 14, 15, 35, 36, 44, 45128$1.955m
 B4-G6772105, 14, 35, 444$1.994m
3 BedroomC18187224, 3032$2.341m
 C1-G8187224, 302$2.444m
 C1-PH100107624, 302$2.835m
 C28894717, 3830$2.516m
 C2-G8894717, 38, 473$2.529m
 C2-PH105113017, 38, 473$2.97m
3 Bedroom PremierC4101108702, 11, 3245$2.815m
 C4-G101108702, 11, 323$2.828m
 C4-PH121130202, 11, 323$3.3563m
 C5101108716, 37, 4245$2.982m
 C5-G101108716, 37, 423$3.025m
 C5-PH121130216, 37, 423$3.508m
 C8115123822, 2832$3.38m
 C8-G114122722, 282$3.366m
 C8-PH135145322, 282$4.087m
 C9116124920, 2632$3.477m
 C9-G116124920, 262$3.493m
 CP-PH136146420, 262$4.191m
4 BedroomD111812704115$3.273m
 D2118127012, 3330$3.353m
 D2-G118127012, 332$3.369m
 D2-PH139149612, 332$4.023m

The Prestige Collection

No. of RoomsUnit TypeSqmSqftStackTotal UnitsPrice Min.Price Max.
3 Bedroom + StudyC8116124922, 2832$3.379m$3.686m
 C8-G116124922, 282$3.332m$3.365m
 C8-PH136146422, 282$4.046m$4.083m
 C9116124920, 2632$3.442m$3.782m
 C9-G116124920, 262$3.458m$3.458m
4 Bedroom PremierD4157169023, 2930$4.595m$5.032m
 D4-PH189203423, 292$5.574m$5.676m
5 BedroomE177190519, 2530$5.401m$5.775m
 E-PH210226819, 252$6.471m$6.471m

(Disclaimer: All price range of each unit type for The Continuum displayed here are updated in a periodic manner. However, it is strictly for reference purposes only. Prices are subject to change from time to time without prior notice. This webpage cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies, omissions and/or dispute.)

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